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Sustainability in Home Staging & Interior Design

A CHSSP® Academy short online course


Receive an Accredited Certification in Sustainability

Become confident in eco terminology

Find how to source sustainably

Learn fast ways to make your business green

Understand how to complete a sustainability action plan

Download the Sustainability Policy template

Get the Sustainability logo for your business

Why get a Sustainability policy for your business?

  • Benefits your business

  • Benefits clients

  • Benefits the environment

This course includes:

Core sustainability elements for a Home Staging or Interior Design business

  • Eco friendly terminology and methods

  • Sustainable materials, products and labelling

  • Easy ways to Upcycle, recycle and repurpose

  • Ethical & sustainable businesses in the Interiors supply chain

  • Enhancing your business brand and value through sustainability

  • How to create a sustainability policy or pledge for your business

  • Sustainability policy template for Home Staging & Interior Design businesses

  • Local, National and International resources for business sustainability

  • Grants and funding for business sustainability

Bonus material

  • Bonus material

    Sustainability action plan checklist to download

  • Bonus material

    Sustainability policy template for your website

  • Bonus material

    Sustainability Resources & References

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1 Sustainability in Home Staging & Interior Design

  • 2

    Module 2 The advantages of Sustainable Design

    • M2 Lesson 1 - Benefits to the Environment

    • M2 Lesson 2 - Benefits to the client

    • M2 Lesson 3 - Benefits to your business

    • M2 Lesson 4 - Project Benefits

    • Module 2 References & Resources

  • 3

    Module 3 Upcycling

    • M3 Lesson 1 - About upcycling

    • M3 Lesson 2 - Resources for upcycled goods

    • M3 Lesson 3 - Practical upcycling with Amanda Caley

    • Module 3 References & Resources

  • 4

    Module 4: Recycling, Repurposing & Reuse

    • M4 Lesson 1 - About & Symbols

    • M4 Lesson 2 - Charitable Recycling

    • M4 Lesson 3 Resources for Recycling

    • M4 Lesson 4 Repair don't replace

    • M4 Lesson 5 - Recycling glass, metal & cardboard

    • Module 4 References & Resources

  • 5

    Module 5: Sustainable Materials

    • M5 Lesson 1 - About Wood, Stone, Quartz, Concrete

    • M5 Lesson 2 - Sustainable fabrics

    • M5 Lesson 3 - Sustainable Window Treatments

    • M5 Lesson 4 - Sustainable Flooring

    • M5 Lesson 5 - Sustainable Walls & Ceilings

    • Module 5 References & Resources

  • 6

    Module 6: Sustainability in Practise

    • M6 Lesson 1 - Business practise

    • M6 Download business checklist

    • M6 Lesson 2 - Furniture Life Cycle

    • M6 Lesson 3 - Furniture components

    • M6 Lesson 4 - Kitchens

    • M6 Lesson 5 - Community & Earthday

    • Module 6 References & Resources

  • 7

    Module 7: Companies with ethical values

    • M7 Lesson 1 - Identifying companies with ethical values

    • M7 Lesson 2 - A circular economy

    • M7 Lesson 3 - Example companies with ethical standards and sustainability policies

    • M7 Lesson 4 - Sustainable business support

    • Module 7 References & Resources

  • 8

    Module 8: Creating a sustainable business model

    • M8 Lesson 1 - A sustainable business model - WHY?

    • M8 Lesson 2 - A Sustainable Business Model - WHAT?

    • M8 Lesson 3 - A sustainable business model - HOW?

    • M8 Lesson 4 - Offsetting carbon emissions

    • M8 Sustainability in Home Staging and Interior Design Quiz

    • M8 Assignment - Creating a Sustainability Pledge

    • Module 8 References & Resources

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Frequently asked questions

Things people ask most about this course

Why complete a course in Sustainability?

Sustainability has become the focus of individuals, businesses, and Nations like never before.  The last few years has seen a monumental increase in the desire to take action to avoid the catastrophic results of climate change spiraling out of control. The Home Staging and Interior Design sector are joining the movement to assess their impact and make changes to the way they work to avoid having a negative impact on the environment. 


What the course offers

In order to make a significant difference the desire for change needs to be backed up by knowledge. This course outlines the wider sustainability issues and then leads students through an educational discovery about what sustainability means for our Home Staging and Interior Design businesses and how we can make simple changes to both have a positive impact on the environment and benefit your business.


Who is the course suitable for?

Whether you are a small business owner or manage a larger team or you are employed in the Home Staging & Interior Design sector you will find value in this course and information to help you to decide on changes which are easy to implement to change the course of history for environmental sustainability. 


How long will the course take to complete?

3hrs 30mins of full colour video narrated presentations will guide you through 8 modules of essential topics with a quiz and a downloadable ‘Sustainability pledge’ action plan template. Certificate Awarded and badge for website on completion.


Who has written the course?

Course content researched and materials provided by Anita Richardson, Director of CHSSP® and House Wow® Services UK.  

Anita has been an expert in Home Staging & Interior Design for more than 18 years. Founding the UK’s first Home Staging Network in 2004, House Wow Network in 2008 and the UK’s first online Home Staging course, CHSSP for Home Staging professionals in 2012. 

Contributor to course content with a chapter on practical upcycling for environmental sustainability is Amanda Caley, an expert in renovation, Home Staging & Interior Design and business owner at The Property Reviver, London.

A word from the author

Anita Richardson

“Everyone in the Home Staging and Interior Design sector can make small changes which reduce their carbon emissions and negative impact on the planet. Knowledge is the crucial factor, and this course aims to provides that knowledge in an easily accessible way.”

Pricing options

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The course is short, straight to the point and very practical!

by Federica Milani

"Great course! I learnt a lot about sustainability and what actions I can take as the owner of an interior design/home staging business. The course is short, straight to the point and very practical! The sustainability pledge template at the end was very helpful!"

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